As an online academy, the Online Astronomy Society Academy does everything it can to participate in local STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The four main subjects where it is deemed the nation as a whole needs talent and expertise. In line with this we attend events and offer advice to schools and Home Educators.

Astronomy, though not itself a curriculum subject alongside Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, nevertheless is so important. Astronomy utilises skills from each of these sciences. The list is is extensive and include


Troubleshooting skills

Chemistry of stars and planets

Astrobiology (new emerging field)


Photo processing skills


Time management

Social Skills

Observation and reporting skills

Setup skills


These are just some, an amateur astronomer has to be so many things before setting out to observe the night sky. They need to be aware of

Weather and atmospheric conditions

Setting up of equipment, which has to be done in the day

Calibration of kit (aligning the finder, ensuring everything all works!

Planning, what are we going to do.

Time management, ensuring we get to each task!


Shortly i will add some images for school kids to have a play with, along with guidance for the teacher/ educator