Online Astronomy Society Academy and Special Educational Needs

Throughout our courses we have tried to use audio and visual aids to support learning wherever possible. We have come a long way from the simple text book with page references and downloadable worksheets which we used to offer.

Our new format of GCSE Astronomy by distance learning now includes an ensemble of digital quizzes and interactives’. while still providing the downloadable worksheets and book references for those who prefer this style of learning.

Our SpaceKidets course has also been written to cater as much as possible for SEN in much the same way as we’ve tried to do with our GCSE Astronomy.

In terms to sitting exams we have experience working with those who have required extra help. People who have needed scribes, readers, and extra time. However there is a limit on the provision for this with our exam centres as clearly private rooms are needed which also come as an extra cost. So please check with us before enrolling that our exam centre can cater.

If you have your own exam centre then by all means, again please check with them that that can accommodate before enrolling with us as refunds cannot be offered once payment is made