SpaceKidets + piece of Campo Del Cielo meteorite


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What greater way to begin your journey as a SpaceKidet than to own a piece of the cosmos at the same time. Camp Del Cielo are beautiful iron based fragments from Argentina. For a limited time only we are able to offer a fragment with every signup.

Why limited? Well its not so much the fact there is obviously only a limited amount in the world but Argentina are now banning the exports of these, so when they’re gone, they’re gone. Luckily we still have a few for the luck SpaceKidet to own. Each piece comes in a smart gem case with a certificate of authentication.

tour 2As discussed on our page, this is a merger of our History of Space Exploration without Astronomy for Kids course to bring, well, more of a course come club really. For more information on the course please click here

Our comprehensive series of course covering both the “History of Space Exploration” and “Getting into Astronomy” has been designed for parents and children to work through together.

History of Space Exploration

space race apollo

This course takes the learner on a journey of historical discovery, we’ll learn that rocket development really began with Wernher Von Braun and his development of rockers for Nazi Germany.

Then we’ll see how Russia was the first to put a satellite in orbit around the Earth then a man in Space. From Kennedys pledge to put a man on the Moon to the subsequent development of the Saturn V rockets.

We then examine the Apollo missions and look at the men who went there, finishing up with the Shuttle and Soyuz programs and the International Space Station where you can then take the quiz to measure your learning!

Astronomy for Kids

In this module we take a look at what you need to get into astronomy. Which telescope is best and what you can see with it.

We then take a look at the night sky and examine what you can see throughout the year, focussing on objects you can see with either binoculars or a small telescope.

Finishing up with a tour of the solar system, we look at each planet in turn and examine what we can expect to see from them with a telescope!

£30 the package!

It is accessible online through Moodle using a PC, or a mobile decide such as iPad (not recommended for smart phones)

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