Maths Skills for AS/ A-Level Physics


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It is an unfortunate fact that the Maths offered at GCSE level is not sufficient to meet the needs of A-Level or AS Level Physics.

This is where this short course comes in handy

AS Physics Modular Content

1. Physical Quantities
Quantities; base and derived units (SI and non-SI); multiples and sub-multiples; writing conventions for quantities and units; scalars and vectors; suvat equations.
2. Calculations
Significant figures; standard form numbers; fool-proof calculations.
3. Fractions and Percentages
Ratios, fractions and percentages; correct use of calculators.
4. Estimates
Estimating the magnitudes of quantities; rules for indexed numbers; order-of-magnitude calculations.
5. Probability
Simple probability in the context of radioactive decay.
6. Uncertainties
Calculation of mean and range; uncertainty and percentage uncertainty for a series of measurements; estimation of uncertainty in a single measurement; combining uncertainties.
7. Equations
Common symbols; use of algebra to change the subject of formulae; quadratic equations and their solutions.
8. Tables and Graphs
Tables of data; graph plotting using sensible scales and correct labelling; linear graphs.
Maths Skills Handbook for AS and A-level Physics
9. Using Graphs
Determination of gradient and intercept for linear and non-linear graphs; significance of gradients and intercepts; determination of areas under graphs; significance of areas.
10. Common Shapes of Graph
Graphical modelling of relationships (including inverse square law, parabola)
11. Geometry and Trigonometry
Pythagoras’ Theorem; use of sin, cos and tan functions in right-angled triangles; calculations of surface areas and volumes of regular solids; radians and degrees; small-angle approximations.
12. Vectors
Co-linear and co-planar vectors; determination of resultant using geometry (for perpendicular vectors) and scale drawings; components of co-planar vectors and their use in solving problems.

Additional A-level Physics Modular Content

13. Base-10 Logarithms
Concept of logarithms; bases; logarithmic scales with common examples; rules for logarithms.
14. Log-log Graphs
Log-log graphs and their use to prove power-law relationships; use to determination of unknown power.
15. Further Graphs
Sine and cosine curves revisited; graphical modelling of relationships (including sine squared, exponential decay).
16. Exponential Decay
Nature of exponential decay; natural (base-e) logarithms; graphs involving natural logarithms in exponential decay.

Although the content serves the extended needs of individual maths A/ AS Level Physics we’re selling them together

Entirely online, tutor lead, £100

Course can be studied at the students own pace and includes downloadable material the student can print and use at their own leisure. A hard copy text book is also provided

There is no final exam, no qualification offered