Maths for GCSE Astronomy



Many told us about their maths woes with GCSE Astronomy, we listened!

We now have a course tailored specially to help those who are unsure of the maths content. Split into 9 easy to follow sections, get ahead on your studies and have that extra edge when it comes to exam time! Topics include

Hubble’s Constant

Standard Form


Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion

Measuring Circumference of the Earth

Celestial Coordinates

Angular Measurement

Distance to the Stars Equation of Time


There is a quiz at the end and a downloadable certificate of completion!

The course contains interactive material and downloadable worksheets.

Disclaimerplease note, EVERY effort has been taken to keep the material free of grammatical and technical error’s. The material is checked and triple checked over and over before going live. As such in the event that any are found, please report to where we will endeavour to correct errors as soon as possible, We offer no refunds or discounts for any found.