GCSE Astronomy (9-1) First Year – 2019




We are now accepting students for the GCSE Astronomy 2018 for examination in 2020 (June).

Paper One – Unaided observational astronomy

Course includes

24/7 access to the portal

Access to digital interactives and quizzes

Downloadable worksheets

hardcopy text book (and access to digital copy)

downloadable worksheets

tutor support (via forum)

Assigned course adviser

Downloadable course tracker

(exam fee not included)

Please refer to terms and conditions

(Please read the terms and conditions of the course before enrolling as final payment will be accept on the undertanding you have accepted them.

Installments plans available, please ask 

14 day cooling period

In line with our statutory obligations, the OASA is able to offer a full or partial refund on any course we offer during this time, however any expenses incurred during this period on

Payment of a course adviser

Providing of course materials

and internal admin costs incurred

Please note, in line with our policy, tutors and course materials are paid for generally within 24 hours if that has already happened then a full refund cannot be offered. Please ensure you are completely happy with our policies and service before committing.

Please note, this isn’t us being orquade, we are mindful the alternative to this is to wait 14 days before adding someone to a course or sending out materials, something no student (or parent) typically wants to do). etc.