GCSE Astronomy Y1 2020 instalment program



This payment plan is setup to £62 per month for students or parents of students looking to sit the GCSE Astronomy exam in 2020.

This is a two year course, this plan is setup to help pay for the first year only, another plan will be setup to cater for the second year.

Please note the same terms and conditions apply also

a) Every payment must be made on the agreed date
b) No refunds can be offered
c) If payment is defaulted (without prior warning) then both monies paid and place is forfeited.
d) The course is non-transfersable
e) Does not include exam or center fees
f) Cannot be deferred unless by prior arrangement
g) No books or material will be sent out until final payment is made

Unfortunately, it does work out more paying this way however it is also more of a risk to us with more admin involved monitoring payment.

You can begin your plan here

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