OASA Diploma Astrophysics and Space Science

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Astrophysics and Space Science



This course carries 40 CPD credits

What is CPD?

The Diploma in Astrophysics and Space Science is exclusive to Online Astronomy Society Academy. Written by experienced professional and amateur astronomers the course is definitely in a class of its own.

1 Keplers Laws in retrospect
Newtons Explanation of orbits
Orbit Geometry
Satelite Orbits
Getting Into Orbit

2, The Earths Atmosphere
Structure and properties of our atmosphere
Atmopspheric Phenomeanon
The Ozone Layer
The Greenhouse Effect
The Earths Magetosphere

3.0 Observational Astronomy
Radio Astronomy, a look at the history to the present
Microwave Astronomy
Visibile Light
Ultra Violet
X Rays
Gamma Rays

4 The Physics of stars
the birth of stars
further evolution
synthesis of elements

5 Outwards and Beyond… a Brief History of Space Exploration
Dawn of the Space Age
Destination Moon
Beyond Apollo, space stations and the Shuttle
Looking up and looking down
Probing the Solar System

6. Cosmology
The Big Bang
Hubbles Constant
Age of the Universe
Dark Matter
Graviational Waves (updated with latest discoveries!)

You can view the course perspectus here.

Are you a teacher or educator looking to gain your CPD credits, this course is worth 40 CPD credits!