8 inch Newtonian Reflector


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Newtonian telescope with highest quality optics available in this price range. Due to the very stable steel tube as well as the precice dual speed crayford focuser the GSO 8″ f/5 Newtonian telescope is a strongly recommanded combination for astro photography as well as visual observing.

It adds a package of extra features that are in our opinion unparalleled in this class:

— high definition parabolical primary mirror, better than typical Chinese mirrors
— thin secondary mirror spider vanes for minimized obstruction
— larger illuminated field through use of a well-dimensioned secondary mirror (63mm diameter)
–An ultra-smooth Crayford focuser for much smoother focusing motion and zero image shift.
— Sufficient Back focus allows you to reach focus even with DSLR cameras.
— 94% enhanced reflection for a brighter image
— rigid steel tube instead of a wobbly aluminium tube

The German equatorial mount NEQ5 from Skywatcher:

For this newtonian telescope we have used an excellent 2″ Crayford style focuser with integrated 1:10 dual speed microfocuser. These focusers have zero image shift and move very smoothly. With a bit of experience you can do such small focus movements as 0.08mm!

This GSO dual speed focuser is fully compatible with the TS Motorfocus system, allowing vibration free and easy focusing for high power visual observing or astro-imaging. The crayford holds eyepieces or cameras with a very good stabiltiy.

Primary Mirror Cooling Fan

Instead of chosing exotic and incredibly expensive mirror substrates we have chosen to equip this telescope with a primary mirror cooling fan to accelerate cool-down time to ambient temperature. Until a mirror is properly cooled down it will create currents of warm air that will deteriorate the image – no matter which mirror substrate is used. Only after the mirror has cooled down this effect stops.

Parabolical Primary Mirror

The very precisely figured parabolical primary mirror of this telescope is not made of cheap float glass, but rather of BK-7 optical glass that is free of internal stress. Thermic properties are generally better than float glass. At the same time the mirror is way more affordable than more exotic primary mirror substrates that in our opinion bring hardly any advantage at all (see comments under “Primary Mirror Cooling Fan”). For easier collimation the mirrors are properly center marked.

Technical details of the optical tube:

— Aperture 200mm (8″) / focal length 1000mm / focal ratio f/5
— 94% enhanced reflectivity coatings for a brighter picture
— Seconcary mirror: 63mm diameter (minor axis)
— Field illumination: 28mm diam. (100%) / 41mm diam. (90%)
— Weight: 9 kgs with tube rings and finder
— Outer diameter: 230mm
— Tube length: 900mm
— 2″ Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission

Scope of delivery:

— GSO 200mm f/5 Newtonian – Optical Tube Assembly with tube rings
— 8×50 finder
— 2″ Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual speed transmission and reducer to 1.25″
— 2″ extension tube – to achieve focus with all kinds of eyepieces
— Dust covers
— 12V main mirror fan
— Collimation manual
— Skywatcher EQ5 mount with 2x 5kg counterweights