OAS Academy Observatory, Northampton

Is most certainly soaked through with all the ice, we knew this would poor in when we removed the roof, in hindsight this was exactly the right thing to do. It took pressure off the roof which would have been ruined with snow.

Fortunately no more snow fell last night but its going to be freezing and windy, so given there is already still a lot of water in the obsy (i have tried to mop it dry i have taken the decision it is not safe to use it with electricals So i have levelled (again the pillar (fine tuning that was all) and now might polar align it tonight but otherwise i think really this needs to dry out thoroughly before it is used. A bit of a pain because i have a lot of things i would like to try.

The cover was bought in to dry off as has the roof of the obsy, at least i can replace the cover tonight with the knowledge it is at least dry. Tomorrow, a more concerted effort at drying it off.

Morel of the story, do not setup before heavy snow!