More words on the AstroMount Pillar

I have not had much chance to test thing in anger since i picked it up from Matthew Armitage of Astromount.

I also purchased a tent observatory so its kind of a double whammy. Obviously i wheeled the pillar into the tent before assembly it would not have been easily possible to put it in otherwise owning to the weight.

Once in, it became clear to protect the ground sheet from the wheels and indeed the levelling bolts we needed something for the floor. So in came some spare tiles we’ve has in the garden, but cushioned on cardboard


I had to use the bolt as well to get the mount level. This is one issue, we need  a pad at the end of the bolt (like you have on the end of the bolt in a vice).

I think too the user should get this as aligned to North as despite the pillar being mobile it would be hard i think to have to re level the pillar if its moved especially on uneven ground.

As you can see in the picture though i think we’re all set. Note the controller i have hung to the pillar. Something that simple has been on my wishlist for a while. I have also taped the power supply to the mount on the side of the pillar.

It all seems stable enough, there are a good few kilos of weight on it now!

Below is a pic of the overall setup.


How will it go? Time will tell.

Here is the video i made on the pillar with my initial thoughts