Meteorites tend to land on the Earth a lot of the time, but because many fall over non residential areas like the great oceans, the antartica or the African continent we do not tend to hear about many.

However as a society, we have a collection of Campo Del Cielo meteorites from Argentina and selected Lunar and Martian fragments from various falls so please get in touch if interested, you might even find something of interest in our shop

All of our fragments come with a certificate of authenticity we deal with both Nick Howes and the Meteorite men, so you do not get much more authentic that that.

However, how did samples of Moon and Mars get here? We simple, likely from collisions where chunks of the Moon and Mars were knocked off in the early days of the solar system or from when chunks of lava were catapulted from Mars when it was volcanic. The rocks wandered outer space until reaching the Earth and down they came.

Shortly we will be dealing in special Condrule meteorite. Such meteorite contains fragments (droplets) of condrules which were the very earliest material in our solar system. These droplets condensed into chunks of rock which you see today! Our solar system is estimated to be 4.7 billion years old, imagine owning something older than that!

Please get in touch if interested.

Soon too it will be possible to order fragments of the Chelyabinsk meteorite which landed in Russia in 2013.