GCSE to A-Level Maths bridging course

The leap from GCSE maths to GCE (A level) maths is I would say the biggest leap for any GCSE to GCE course that there is.

The skills required at A level require you to be confident with all the skills you developed for passing your GCSE. Not only that, you have to be so confident with the knowledge, skills and problem solving techniques and methods that you could basically take your GCSE exams again and do them in half the time, and still achieve a high B or A grade or in England a grade 7 or above.

A level is not for the fainthearted.

However, if you are willing to persevere, put the work in, and determine to enjoy as well as achieve, you will go far, and you will have many times where you will suddenly ‘see’ how different topics and aspects of mathematics connect and those moments are unbeatable.

Mathematics is a beautiful language. The key to thinking mathematically is to recognise how topics and concepts connect. Look for these connections. Learn more than topics, learn and study connections. Algebra is used much more at A level than GCSE. Go back and study all the algebra you did at GCSE. You will use algebra in trigonometry for example, you will solve quadratic equations using trigonometry. You will use algebra in learning amazingly sophisticated but beautifully simple methods to find the sum of a series, rather simply finding the nth term. At A level they are called ‘series’ rather than ‘sequence’

Learn your times tables. This is not trivial. Knowing your tables still underpins everything you do, so make sure are familiar with them. Not just being able to recite them but be familiar with the factors and multiples of numbers. Be able to connect numbers knowing their common factors, multiples, squares and square roots, cube and cube roots.

Mathematics is a discipline, but it can be a joyful one. The more you study, the more you will feel a satisfaction and sense of wonder at how so much is connected that you had never realised.

I hope you will take up the challenge and enjoy the following taster, a set of videos which will enable you to see where your GCSE skills are used at A level, and which, I hope, will encourage you to pursue this amazing language which will forever change your perception of our Universe.

All the very best to you,

Hilary Forbes

Topics include:


Differentiation – 5 parts
Integration – Pre Integration, Integration Method, Why Integrate
Radians –  what Is a radian, Length of arc using radians
The remainder theorem –  3 parts
Equation of circle – 3 parts
Arithmetic – 3 parts
Geometric Series – 2 parts
Pascals Triangle

and more! With over 30 bite-sized videos which can be viewed either on a computer or mobile device. Great way to compliment any existing course!

Worksheets and end quiz coming soon! – optional tutor support (extra plugin)

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