Gravity, a curse or a necessity?

After having been reading Endurance by Scott Kelly, and i am still half way through this book, i am coming to realise just how much we seem to take for granted here on Earth.

For the large part, we have breathable air. If it gets stuffy or toxic where we are, it should not be too far to go for fresh breathable air to be found. How amazing it is too that this envelope of air we breath is both consistent and reliable as it provides an envelope around our planet. For example, we do not stop to think before going shopping, or to another city, will there be air to breath. It is taken for granted there is. We do not think about it either when we take a flight to somewhere. We take for granted that although we might be hit by the sudden heat or even chill that we were neither expecting, nor prepared for we still nevertheless are able to crack on.

However reading how on the ISS, it was a constant battle between obtaining clean breathable oxygen and the rise of toxic Co2. Even though we can tolerate levels of CO2 it is nevertheless a toxic gas.

Not only that, but when you get out of bed, go for a shower or run a bath. it is taken for granted the water falls vertically down the plug hole or remains in the bath. You are not suddenly confronted by a massive globular giant water monster coming to drown you!

Even after that things like going to the toilet, again its not a problem. So Gravity is quiet helpful here too. Certainly we can just as easily curse gravity, when our prized china gets pushed off a ledge and smashes, or when decorating you drop your brush from the top of the ladder.

Yet we can confidently walk down the street to buy the paper in confidence of knowing that we’re pretty secure to the planet and will not be spun off into outer space. After all, not much standing between you and the big blue yonder when your out and about is there?

Again sitting to dinner. We plate up. Fish, chips, Ham, what you will is put on the plate. cups and glasses for beverages by and large remain seated at the table until moved. We’re not constantly chasing things that tend to float away.

Even down to going to bed, we can lie horizontally with our duvets over us, confident they will not float away in time.

Now take away gravity, how would the above life be different. Coffee floating around the station, water. Chasing peanuts as you try to catch in your mouth. strange life. Exciting indeed. Could i take it for 6 months to a year though! Not sure!