GCSE Astronomy students

All new GCSE Astronomy students signed up with the OASA should

  • Have an assigned tutor*
  • Be given link to the forum www.onlineastronomycourses.co.uk/forum
  • given a link to the VLE www.onlineastronomycourses.co.uk/VLE
  • Link to www.onlineastronomycourses.co.uk/wiki
  • Also have username and password for each
  • Link to Liverpool Telescope https://www.schoolsobservatory.org/ (tutor provides)
  • A study planner (New student VLE and forum both have copies download 2020 or download i here  study planner GCSE 9-1 (2020)
  • If a book has been ordered it will be in the post shortly after final payment is made.

Please also read the notes on Observational Tasks

Please also understand there are observational tasks to accompany the course which you can learn more about here

Suggested start.

Check ALL logins work. So the forum, VLE, and Wiki pages.


Login to the VLE and view the notes in the New Student website (for GCSE 9-1) this contains invaluable information to help you get started. Please do not be overwhelmed by the duplication of material. This is to ensure all students get access to the material.

Please then check into the forum as often as possible (at least weekly) for any updates. The forum is now the primary method of delivery for new information, resources, and updates. Notification of new material uploaded to the VLE will all be announced in the forum, via the newsletter we send out (we subscribe you to that) and of course your tutor who might email. So please keep an eye on the email mailbox you give us. It is the only way we can communicate with you.

*Please note, although the tutor is there to help please keep subject based questions for the forum. Like what is the Sidereal day, or how big is the Moon. They cannot provide 1-2-1 support to students. Their role is to assist and advise on specific personal issues relating to the course.