GCSE Astronomy for Schools

As an e-learning academy, we not only support individual students (including a lot of Home Educators) we also support schools. Many schools would love to run the GCSE but for resources, stall, and of course budget.

We cannot post packages easily for this, we have tried, but there are so many variations. But what we can offer is

Teacher support

So teachers signing up to do the course will receive support from one of our qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable tutors who will not only guide on subject matter but also ideas on how to present it to a class. With our state of the art materials available online they make a fine support for teachers both during and outside of lesson time. The best thing of all is, at the end of it, teachers can also earn 40 CPD points!

Classroom support

Why not take the pain out of teaching and let us handle it. Students can be given logins to our portal and forum. Material already in place in the forum of digital interactives and downloadable worksheets. We also have hardcopy textbooks that can be sent out. with us taking care of students and their questions all teachers need to do is monitor 🙂


All students are given a student number as their username. Only identifiable to their tutor. No unauthorized people are allowed either in our forum or our online portal. All our tutors have updated DBS checks. More information on our safeguarding policy can be viewed here