GCSE Astronomy and exam centres

For the first time since we began our GCSE Astronomy course we have not bolted on the exam fee into the actual course fee.

The main reason for this is we work with several exam centres across the country, where exam fees do vary, however, we have also had issues with various exam centres where, although everyone still managed to sit their exams on time it has cost us a lot of extra time in setting up. Not to mention possible risk of liability for anything going wrong.

As such, we have exam centres we do work with. You will be asked about this before enrolment. But please read the terms and conditions we (Online Astronomy Society Academy) accept no liability for an admin error which could cause a student either not to be able to sit their exam or not receive the support they need. If we charge the extra for fee’s, we are merely providing a service*

Some of these centres prefer to work with us, some prefer to work directly with the candidate.

From 2018/21 we will no longer be charging for exam fee’s, the student is to meet these at the end of the course