GCSE (9-1) Astronomy – Observational Tasks

Observational Tasks

These have without doubt been the cause of some confusion with many of our customers, so here are a few words to help there.

Firstly, the supervised projects of the old format are now gone. There is no longer the requirement to have project write-ups supervised. Which is great, however.

There is still the requirement to produce at least TWO observational tasks, one to cover the first year (Unaided Astronomy) the other to cover the second year which is aided (or with optical aid).

Although these observational tasks are not themselves assessed by the examining board, they still need to be completed, seen by the tutor before they will sign them off as completed. This declaration will then need to be sent to the exam centre for them to sign it. Without this form (the headmasters declaration) you cannot sit the exam. It is as simple as that.

Furthermore, although the observational material are not themselves seen by the examiner you are questioned on them in the exam. That is how it works. So the tutor is more looking to see if sufficient work has been carried out to enable the learner to answer any questions. But also, they must have actually done the work.

More information is available here.

Students also must choose only one from each of the prescribed tasks they cannot choose their own.