GCSE (9-1) Astronomy–Observational tasks–2019 deadlines

Hi All,

Please read carefully as this is very important

As you will be made aware, we have obligations with regard to the observational tasks. The information posted will have made clear what is expected.

The ABSOLUTE deadline for EXAM CENTRES (that is not us) to submit the Headmasters Declaration is April 15th 2019.

In line with this. The following are being implimented for 2019 students

First Submission of Observational tasks – Jan 15th.

This will give you ample time to make use of the approaching longer nights and finalise any observations

If feedback is then given to you by your tutor you will then have until

Second Submission of Observational tasks – Feb 15th.

This will be your months notice to get these tasks done and dusted.


This is the FINAL date we will sign off any headmaster declaration forms. After this point any students who have NOT had this signed off will NOT be entered for their exams.

Please consider as well that your course advisor will have other students to review and offer feedback on as well as their day jobs, so please do not submitt the day before deadline and expect it done the following day. The onus is on your to complete this in a timely fashion.

There is plenty of time with November only beginning next week.

For the 2020

Can we ask you to be considering a similar deadline please with first submission for Y1 being offered by Jan 15th as well an so on.

The reason for this is to encourage you to complete the first task so it is not going to be following you to year 2.

Obviously, the March 15th 2019 deadline does not apply to you.

Please note, i might have to change the final deadline in accordance to the requirements of the exam centres we work with. But by and large to cover the integity of this academy, and of course me personally (who has to sign these off). This is what we are implementing.