CPD – Continued Personal Development

The Online Astronomy Society Academy is also part of AWA-Training which stands for Alexander, William, and Abigail, Training (our three children). As a family run training organisation we are an accredited centre to to the CPD Accreditation Group. This means that selected courses we offer, either through the OASA or our sister companies offer CPD credits.

In various professions, in our case we work with teachers, lecturers, Home Educators, as well as trainers from the Health Care profession (Alastair Leith is also an Instructional Designer) will require to complete a certain amount of Continued Personal Development on an annual basis. This is required to satisfy their relevant boards that they are keeping their training, knowledge, and skills up to date and current.

Basically for every hour it is deemed reasonable to complete a course you can earn 1 CPD Credit as its called. So our Diploma in Astrophysics and Space Science and our Astronomy for Educators both offer equally 40 Continued Professional Development credits each.

This will be reflected on the certificate which is downloadable at the end of the course which has the CPD number which is verifiable. This is valid in ANY profession, in this case, the teaching profession. So in affect it means our teachers can study our courses, learning about Astronomy and gaining CPD. On average most teachers will need study for at least 30 hours a year to earn 30 CPD credits. Our offerings exceed this

To become CPD accredited our courses have had to follow stiff guidelines and meet strict criteria. So although it has taken some time for us to be able to reach this level, we are proud to do so.

Currently, two of our programs are CPD Accredited, including

OASA Diploma in Astrophysics and Space Science

OASA Certificate in Astronomy (for Educators)

Please note the link below points to www.northants-media.co.uk this is our e-learning development business but its all part of the same thing.