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The Online Astronomy Society Academy and Mickeldore Publishing are pleased to announce the creation of a new maths course. Written by Dr Nigel Marshall, himself a senior Edexcel GCSE Astronomy examiner we are now able to assist students completing their GCSE Maths courses with the maths skills they need to complete A / AS-level Physics.

It has long been widely achnowledged that some (but not all) students have struggled with the maths needed for A/ AS level Physics as its just not in the GCSE Maths Syllabus. As such we are now able to offer a nice summer course for students to complete either during their recess period or to compliment their existing studies.

Maths for Advanced Level Physics

Base-10 Logarithms

Concept of logarithms; bases; logarithmic scales with common examples; rules for logarithms.

Log-log Graphs

Log-log graphs and their use to prove power-law relationships; use to determination of unknown power.

Further Graphs

Graphical modelling of relationships (including sine squared, exponential decay).

Exponential Decay

Nature of exponential decay; natural (base-e) logarithms; graphs involving natural           logarithms in exponential decay.

Maths for AS Level PhysicsPhysical Quantities


base and derived units (SI and non-SI); multiples and sub-multiples writing conventions for quantities and units; scalars and vectors.


Standard form numbers; fool-proof calculations; significant figures.

Fractions and Percentages

Fractions; ratios; percentages; correct use of calculators.


Estimating the magnitudes of quantities; rules for indexed numbers; order-of- magnitude calculations.


Simple probability in the context of radioactive decay.


Calculation of mean and range; uncertainty and percentage uncertainty for a           series of measurements; estimation of uncertainty in a single measurement;      combining uncertainties.


Common symbols; use of algebra to change the subject of formulae; quadratic equations and their solutions.

Tables and Graphs

Tables of data; graph plotting using sensible scales and correct labelling; linear graphs.Using Graphs

Using Graphs

Determination of gradient for linear and non-linear graphs; significance of     gradients; determination of areas under graphs; significance of areas.

Common Shapes of Graph

Graphical modelling of relationships (including inverse square law, parabola)

Geometry and Trigonometry

Pythagoras’ Theorem; use of sin, cos and tan functions in right-angled triangles;           calculations of surface areas and volumes of regular solids; radians and degrees;     small-angle approximations.


Co-linear and co-planar vectors; determination of resultant using geometry (for           perpendicular vectors) and scale drawings; components of co-planar vectors and     their use in solving problems.

The courses are arranged in easy to follow modules the student can follow at their own pace. The course is tutor led (by Dr Marshall himself!). There are no assessed projects, coursework, or final exams. no qualification is offered.

It is recommended to do a module a week, each module takes approximately 3 hours to work through

There is an accompanying book Essential Maths Skills for A and AS Level Physics


Maths for Advanced Level Physics: £85 (including book)

Maths for AS Level Physics £130 (including book)

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