L4 Diploma – OASA Diploma – Astrobiology (degree level)

Level 4 – Astrobiology

It gives us great pleasure to be able to offer this course with kind permission of Wiley Blackwell Publishers and Professor Charles Cockell of University of Edinburgh.

The format of this course is to follow the interactives within the E-Learning portal which also contains video material, followed by a quiz at the end which must be passed before the certificate can be downloaded.

Tutor support will be forum based, link provided on enrolment.

Although pitched at Level 3 – 4 this is more a degree (Batchelors) level course therefore is is recommended the student will have at least an IGCSE or AS/ A Level in

What is Astrobiology?

Astrobiology is concerned with the evolution of life in the universe and if life could exist outside of Planet Earth. It is also a newish but rapidly expanding field of astronomy where as we begin to understand more about exo-planets and indeed our own and of course, Mars it will play more of a significant role.

Topic 1 Astrobiology and Life
Topic 2 Matter The Stuff of Life
Topic 3 Lifes Structure Building the Molecules
Topic 4 Lifes Structure Building Cells from Molecules
Topic 5 Energy for Life
Topic 6 Tree of Life
Topic 7 The Limits of the Biospace
Topic 8 The Formation of the Elements of Life
Topic 9 Astrochemistry – Carbon in Space
Topic 10 The Early Earth (The First Billion Years)
Topic 11 The Origin of Life
Topic 12 Early Life on Earth
Topic 13 The Geological History of the Earth
Topic 14 The Rise of Oxygen
Topic 15 Mass Extinctions
Topic 16 The Habitability of Planets
Topic 17 The Astrobiology of Mars
Topic 18 The Moons of Giant Planets
Topic 19 Exoplanets
Topic 20 Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Topic 21 Our Civilisation


End – 50 question multiple choice quiz

It is recommended you purchase the book:-

Astrobiology – Understanding life in the Universe by Prof Charles Cockell

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Downloadable certificate

The course tutor

Dr Marika Tarasashvili

Dr Tarasashvili is researcher of Astrobiology at Javakhishvili Tbilisi state university and teaches at the British Georgian International School.

The start date for this course will be 31st Jan 2018 but we’re accepting enrolments now. Cost £100