OASA Diploma Astrophysics and Space Science

TEACHERS –  Looking for CPD this course now carries 40 CPD credits!

What is CPD?

Welcome to our new course on

Astrophysics and Space Exploration

Between ourselves and Dr Nigel Marshall, we have long believed there was a need for an “A-Level” course. We say A-Level in inverted commas as it is targeted at that level, BUT there is no assessment, no final examination. Therefore NO final qualification is awarded.

Despite this we feel the course will be more than worthwhile to follow. Not only to satisfy the hunger for knowledge from the more academic amateur Astronomer come Astrophysicist but to cater for the curious. This course endeavours to take you to worlds you have never been. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at the contents.

Kepler’s Laws and Orbital Motion – 1. Historical Overview of Kepler’s laws; 2.Orbital Paramets; 3.Newton’s law of Gravitation; 4.Types of Orbit (polar, geostationary, Molniya, Sun-synchronous etc); 5.Getting into Space and Orbit Transfers.

History of Space Exploration – 1.The Space Age Begins (Steps Towards the Moon); 2.Beyond Apollo:Space Stations & the Shuttle; 3.Looking Up, Looking Down (Earth-orbiting Satellites); 4.Probing the Solar System.

Earth’s Atmosphere – its Benefits and Limitations – 1.Structure and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere; 2.Atmospherioc Phenomena (sky, clouds, meteors, aurorae etc.); 3.The Ozone Layer; 4.The Greenhouse Effect.

The Physics of Stars – 1.Internal structure and stellar radiation; 2.The Birth of Stars; 3.Thermonuclear Reactions; 4.The Death of Stars; 5.Variable Stars

Observational Techniques

Overview reminder of the electromagnetic spectrum 2. Overview of the history of the discovery of radio waves 3. Looking at the different wavelengths in turn and what they tell us about what is going on 4. Types of telescopes used 5. Spectroscopy



1 – Other theories of the Universe, including steady state, and the Cyclic Universe  2- CMB and Explorer 1 3- Dark Matter, also including Relativity and Gravitational Waves

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