During our travels, we have made a great many friends and in some cases even done some work for or worked with on various projects.

Please note, we do get requests to be listed here, we may in time offer a similar service where we could look to do that on a subscription basis. However, in the meantime, this is for our patrons and associates who together offer help offer the amazing services we do.

Astrophotography Tool

ivaylo Stoynov and his wife Maria together develop the Astrophotography Tool.

Some years ago Ivaylo approached us to aid in recording some tutorials for the software.  A job we were more than happy to undertake, and still do.  Since then we have seen this amazing piece of software grow from strength to strength. To understand why he calls it a “Tool” you would have to use it. Really is the Swiss Army knife in Astrophotography.

You can learn more about and purchase the software here

Yearbook of Astronomy

Sir Patricks Moores Yearbook of Astronomy was a gem which was of invaluable use to both professional and amateur astronomers alike. To add value to the text even after years had passed by the fascinating essays in the books made them well worth keeping. Many still collect these volumes til this day. In fact, the product might have stopped altogether had it not been for Brian Jones FRAS and his team who continue to produce the book. We list it here not only because we find them invaluable for our operations but as a means of helping to support Brian who in recent years has become a close friend and ambassador to OASA.

The book can be purchased here on Amazon

Immersive Experiences

Zeeshan Dinally is CEO of the mobile planetarium company which together, forms Immersive Experiences. He is active up and down the country delivering educational and engaging shows to schools, shopping centres, and any other events around the country.


Tutors and Exams

Tutors & Exams is the UK’s Leading Independent Assessment Centre for learners outside of mainstream education. They provide a safe and professional environment for learners to undertake their assessments across the UK. With centres in Coventry, Bolton and Wimbledon (and more opening) accessing their services is easy.