Since the foundation of Online Astronomy Society Academy (2009), the academy has gone from strength to strength.

We are only of the top providers of GCSE Astronomy by distance learning and we believe one of the few to offer the course with digital interactive’s and quizzes. Not to mention downloadable worksheets. We also have a team of qualified and experienced tutors whose expertise has been partially responsible for the high pass rates we’ve been seeing.

We are also one of the few organisations which tries to place students with exam centres rather than just leave them to their own devices on the matter.

In fact we enrol an excess 20 – 30 students a year (and that figure is increasing). For the first time this year we are also supporting schools and the GCSE Astronomy programs.

Also unique to Online Astronomy Society Academy, we also offer SpaceKidets, which was also written by Alastair Leith, the academy founder. Ideal online program for younger children too young to embark on the GCSE Astronomy course.

lets not forget we also have the OASA Diploma in Astrophysics and Space Science which was written jointly between Alastair Leith and Dr Nigel Marshall of Mickeldore Publishing. Please contact us for more information