Enrollments for the GCSE Astronomy exam in 2017 are now closed. Now accepting students for the 2018 exam

Key courses offered

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Astronomy for Educators (not featured in the brochure but it exists, please ask for further details

Hello, and welcome to the home page of the Online Astronomy Society Academy. We have grown considerable in recent years with academics from across the globe (not to mention gifted and knowledgeable amateur astronomers) who work with us to deliver the quality of course content we do.

We are one of the few academies to offer GCSE Astronomy by distance learning. Our track record here speak for itself.

Shortly we will be rolling out our next flagship course “Astrophysics and Space Exploration” read more about it here 

Whether you are a school looking to offer more to your students (we can support GCSE Astronomy in the school!), a home based student, either way there is something we can offer you.  The universe is yours to explore